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Passive Immunization Approach to Reduce Body Fat in Pigs Using Fat-specific Polyclonal Antiserum
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 Title & Authors
Passive Immunization Approach to Reduce Body Fat in Pigs Using Fat-specific Polyclonal Antiserum
Baek, Kyung Hoon; Choi, Chang Weon; Choi, Chang Bon; Lee, Byong Seak;
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Plasma membrane proteins from pig adipocytes, brain, heart, kidney, liver and spleen were isolated using a 32% sucrose gradient. An adult male sheep was immunized three times at 3-wk intervals with the purified pig adipocyte plasma membrane (APM) proteins. Blood samples were taken from the immunized sheep 12 d after the third immunization. Antiserum showed strong reactivity with APM proteins determined by ELISA, and the reactivity could be detected at dilutions in excess of 1:128,000. Antiserum showed very low binding affinity with proteins isolated from brain, heart, kidney, liver or spleen. Ninety weanling pigs were allocated randomly to three treatment groups and were injected i.p. with 40 ml of antiserum (n = 30) or 20 ml of lyophilized antiserum (21.5 mg/ml; n = 30). A control group (n = 30) received 40 ml of saline, and all pigs were slaughtered at 24 wk of age. The polyclonal antiserum did not change BW or ADG. Carcass percentage of pigs was numerically increased by the antiserum treatment compared with control. Both antiserum treatments did not significantly (p>0.05) affect body composition, including body fat content, relative to the control group.
Pig;Adipocytes;Polyclonal Antiserum;ELISA;Carcass Percentage;Body Composition;
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한우 복강 및 피하지방 감소 다클론 항체가 반추위 발효패턴 및 혈액 대사물질에 미치는 영향,최창원;백경훈;김성진;오영균;홍성구;권응기;송만강;최창본;

Journal of Animal Science and Technology, 2009. vol.51. 3, pp.231-240 crossref(new window)
저지방 고품질 돈육 생산을 위한 돼지 복강 및 피하지방 항체 개발,최창원;백경훈;최창본;오영균;홍성구;

한국축산식품학회지, 2010. vol.30. 1, pp.87-94 crossref(new window)
체지방 감소 다클론 후보 항체가 비거세돈의 체중, 분 소화율 및 혈액 대사물질에 미치는 영향,최창원;백경훈;조성백;오영균;홍성구;최창본;

Journal of Animal Science and Technology, 2010. vol.52. 5, pp.375-382 crossref(new window)
Development of Rapid Diagnostic Kit for Identification of Hanwoo (Korean Native Cattle) Brand Meat by Detecting BIO-TAG,;;;;;;

한국축산식품학회지, 2014. vol.34. 3, pp.339-345 crossref(new window)
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