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Estimation of Ruminal Degradation and Intestinal Digestion of Tropical Protein Resources Using the Nylon Bag Technique and the Three-step In vitro Procedure in Dairy Cattle on Rice Straw Diets
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 Title & Authors
Estimation of Ruminal Degradation and Intestinal Digestion of Tropical Protein Resources Using the Nylon Bag Technique and the Three-step In vitro Procedure in Dairy Cattle on Rice Straw Diets
Promkot, C.; Wanapat, Metha; Rowlinson, P.;
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The experiment was carried out using fistulated multiparous Holstein Friesian crossbred (75% Holstein Friesian and 25% Red Sindhi) dairy cows in their dry period fed on untreated rice straw to evaluate the nutritive value of local protein feed resources using the in sacco method and in vitro pepsin-pancreatin digestion. Experimental feeds were cottonseed meal (CSM); soybean meal (SBM); dried brewery's grains (DBG); palm kernel meal (PSM); cassava hay (CH); leucaena leaf meal (LLM). Each feedstuff was weighed into duplicate nylon bags and incubated in each of the two rumen fistulated cows for 0, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 48 h. Rumen feed residues from bags of 16 h incubation were used for estimation of lower gut digestibility by the technique of in vitro pepsin-pancreatin digestion. Ruminal ammonia-nitrogen () concentrations did not differ between treatments or time with a mean of 5.5 mg%. Effective degradability of DM of CSM, SBM, DBG, PSM, CH and LLM were 41.9, 56.1, 30.8, 47.0, 41.1 and 47.5%, respectively. Effective degradabilities of the CP in feedstuffs were 49.6, 59.2, 40.9, 33.5, 47.3 and 65.0% for the respective feedstuffs. The CP in vitro pepsin-pancreatin digestibility as ranked from the highest to the lowest were SBM, CSM, LLM, CH, DBG, PSM, respectively. The intestinal and total tract digestion of feedstuffs in the current study were relatively lower than that obtained from previous literature. The results of this study indicate that SBM and LLM were highly degradable in the rumen, while CH, CSM and DBG were less degradable and, hence resulted in higher rumen undegradable protein. Soybean meal and LLM could be used to improve rumen ecology whilst CH, CSM and DBG could be used as rumen by-pass protein for ruminant feeding in the tropics.
Rumen Degradability;Rumen By-pass Protein;In sacco;Three-step Technique;Protein Sources;Digestibility;Rice Straw;Cassava Hay;
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