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Effects of Lacquer (Rhus verniciflua) Meal Supplementation on Layer Performance
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Effects of Lacquer (Rhus verniciflua) Meal Supplementation on Layer Performance
Yang, Y.X.; Lohakare, J.D.; Chae, B.J.;
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Two experiments were conducted to see the effects of lacquer meal (Rhus verniciflua) on layer performance. In Exp. 1, seventy-two Hy-Line brown layers, 46 wk of age were fed 0, 1.5% and 3.0% lacquer added diets for 6 weeks. Diets contained 2,650 kcal/kg ME and 16.50% CP. In Exp. 2, high-energy diets were fed to 72 Hy-line brown layers of 46 wk age for 6 wk. The diets were: control (3,000 kcal/kg ME and 16.50% CP); T1 and T2 contained 1.5 and 3.0% lacquer respectively, in addition to high energy levels. Each treatment had four replicates with 6 birds each in both the experiments. During Exp.1, there was no effect on average daily feed intake, egg production and feed efficiency, however, egg weight was linearly (p=0.0128) decreased with the addition of lacquer in diets. The egg quality parameters measured at bi-weekly intervals did not reveal any particular trend. In Exp 2., high-energy diets have decreased the feed intake and egg production in all groups. However, feeding lacquer at 1.5% increased the egg production by 9% than control. The yolk fat content was increased due to treatments showing quadratic trend (p=0.0683). The liver fat content was decreased by 40-43% than control in lacquer added diets. Except palmitic, oleic and arachidonic acids, some yolk fatty acids showed a linear decreasing trend in lacquer diets. The serum triglycerides and total cholesterol levels were not influenced with lacquer in the diets; however, the serum glucose level was linearly decreased with the addition of lacquer. In conclusion, lacquer meal supplementation significantly affected the performance of layers fed high-energy diets.
Layers;Lacquer;Liver;Egg Production;
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