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Two Maternal Lineages Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA D-loop Sequences in Chinese Native Water Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
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 Title & Authors
Two Maternal Lineages Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA D-loop Sequences in Chinese Native Water Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
Lei, Chu-Zhao; Zhang, Wei; Chen, Hong; Lu, Fan; Ge, Qing-Lan; Liu, Ruo-Yu; Dang, Rui-Hua; Yao, Yun-Yi; Yao, Li-Bo; Lu, Zi-Fan; Zhao, Zhong-liang;
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Little is known about the origin and genetic diversity of swamp buffaloes in China. To obtain more knowledge on genetics of the water buffalo in China, the complete mitochondrial D-loop sequences of 30 samples from 6 native types were investigated. The results revealed 12 mitochondrial haplotypes with 50 polymorphic sites. Among these polymorphic sites, there were 49 transitions and 1 transversion. The average nucleotide diversity and haplotype diversity estimated from mtDNA D-loop region in 6 Chinese water buffalo types were 0.00684 and 0.798, respectively, showing rather abundant mitochondrial genetic diversity. The Neighbor-Joining (NJ) tree of mtDNA of Chinese water buffaloes was constructed according to the 12 haplotypes. The NJ tree indicated two lineages being designated lineage A and lineage B, in which lineage A was predominant, and lineage B was at low frequency. The new lineage B was first discovered and defined in 6 Chinese water buffalo types. These results showed that two different maternal lineages were involved in the origin of domestic swamp buffaloes in China and the lineage B was probably an introgression from Southeast Asian buffaloes.
Chinese Water Buffalo;Mitochondrial DNA D-loop;Diversity;Haplotype;Origin;
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