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Effects of Intra-duodenal Infusion of Limiting Amino Acids on Plasma Insulin-like Growth Factor I, Growth Hormone, Insulin and Liver Insulin-like Growth Factor I mRNA in Growing Goat Fed a Maize Stover-based Diet
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Effects of Intra-duodenal Infusion of Limiting Amino Acids on Plasma Insulin-like Growth Factor I, Growth Hormone, Insulin and Liver Insulin-like Growth Factor I mRNA in Growing Goat Fed a Maize Stover-based Diet
Sun, Z.H.; Tan, Z.L.; Yao, J.H.; Tang, Z.R.; Shan, J.G.; Hu, J.P.; Tang, S.X.; Jiang, Y.M.;
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The effects of intra-duodenal infusion of methionine (Met), lysine (Lys) and leucine (Leu) on dry matter intake (DMI), the concentrations of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), growth hormone (GH) and insulin in plasma, and liver IGF-I mRNA level were investigated in two experiments for Liuyang Black growing wether goats. In Experiment 1, three goats ( kg) were fitted with ruminal, proximal duodenal and terminal ileal fistulaes to determine the infusion amounts of Met, Lys and Leu at the duodenum according to essential amino acid flows into the duodenum and their apparent digestibility. The infusion amounts were 0.77 g/d, 0.91 g/d and 0.58 g/d respectively. In Experiment 2, 4 groups of goats (( kg) for each group, were cannulated at the duodenum, and were infused with a mixture of Met, Lys and Leu (Control), or mixtures with 21% Met, Lys or Leu replaced with glutamate respectively on a nitrogenous basis. The replacement of 21% Met, Lys or Leu with glutamate did not affect intakes of maize stover, concentrate or both (p>0.05) when compared with the control. The replacement of 21% Met or Lys significantly (p<0.05) reduced plasma GH, insulin and IGF-I concentrations and liver IGF-I mRNA level. The replacement of 21% Leu with glutamate reduced (p<0.05) plasma IGF-I concentration only, but not plasma insulin and GH, as well as liver IGF-I mRNA level (p>0.05). The close relationships between supplying Met and Lys in the lumen of the duodenum and plasma IGF-I, GH and insulin concentrations, as well as liver IGF-I mRNA level in this study indicate that the effects of the limiting amino acids on nutrition of animals are likely intermediated via their effects on these hormones, and these hormone profiles could be used as intermediate markers for the limiting order of amino acids.
Limiting Amino Acids, GH, IGF-I, Insulin, IGF-I mRNA,;
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