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Production of Kids from In vitro Fertilized Goat Embryos and Their Parentage Assessment Using Microsatellite Markers
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 Title & Authors
Production of Kids from In vitro Fertilized Goat Embryos and Their Parentage Assessment Using Microsatellite Markers
Malakar, D.; Das, S.K.; Mukesh, M.; Sodhi, M.; Goswami, S.L.;
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The purpose of the present study was to produce live offspring from in vitro fertilized goat embryos. Oocytes were collected from abattoir ovaries and kept in oocyte collection medium. Oocytes were washed 4-5 times with maturation medium containing medium-199 with 5 FSH, 100 LH, 1 estradiol- 50 gentamycin, 10% inactivated estrus goat serum, and 3% BSA (fatty acid free). Oocytes were placed in 100 drops of maturation medium containing granulosa cell monolayer and incubated in a 5% incubator at for 27 h. For capacitation of spermatozoa fresh semen was processed and mixed in 3 ml fertilization TALP medium containing 50 heparin and kept in the above incubator for 2 h. The capacitated spermatozoa were coincubated with matured oocytes for fertilization. Cleaved embryos were separated and cultured in embryo development medium with oviductal cells and 494 embryos were produced. Recipient goats were synchronized with two injections of 15 mg /goat 10 days apart. Eighty early stage embryos were transferred into the uterotubal junction of 14 surrogate mothers using laparoscopy techniques. One recipient delivered twin kids, whereas another two recipients each.delivered a single kid The parentage of these kids was evaluated using highly polymorphic co-dominant microsatellites markers. From the present study, it was concluded that live goat kids can be produced from in vitro matured and fertilized goat embryos, to the best of our knowledge for the first time in India.
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