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Associations between Alu I Polymorphism in the Prolactin Receptor Gene and Reproductive Traits of Slovak Large White, White Meaty and Landrace Pigs
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 Title & Authors
Associations between Alu I Polymorphism in the Prolactin Receptor Gene and Reproductive Traits of Slovak Large White, White Meaty and Landrace Pigs
Omelka, R.; Martiniakova, M.; Peskovicova, D.; Bauerova, M.;
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We investigated the effect of the prolactin receptor gene (PRLR) on total number of born (TNB), number of born alive (NBA) and number of weaned (NW) piglets in Large White (LW), White Meaty (WM) and Landrace (L) sows from six Slovak breeding farms. The frequency of A allele was 0.48, 0.49 and 0.47 in LW, WM and L, respectively. We found numerous highly significant effects of PRLR locus on TNB (; ) in all tested breeds. The most marked difference of + was found between AA and BB genotypes in WM. Within the other breeds the difference between the homozygous genotypes reached up to + and + pigs per litter in LW and L, respectively. We also identified significant differences between AA and AB genotypes related to TNB in L. Similarly NBA, as well as NW traits were significantly affected (; ) by the genotype just in LW and L. The homozygous genotype AA was favourable in all breeds and traits. Our results showed the possibility of PRLR utilization in marker-assisted selection within breeding programs to increase reproductive traits of pigs in Slovakia.
Prolactin Receptor Gene;PRLR;Reproductive Traits;Litter Size;Pigs;
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Expression of Prolactin Receptor mRNA after Melatonin Manipulated in Cashmere Goats Skin during Cashmere Growth,;;;;;;

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