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Evaluation of Boar Sperm Viability by MTT Reduction Assay in Beltsville Thawing Solution Extender
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Boar Sperm Viability by MTT Reduction Assay in Beltsville Thawing Solution Extender
Byuna, J.W.; Choo, S.H.; Kim, H.H.; Kim, Y.J.; Hwang, Y.J.; Kim, D.Y.;
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MTT (3-(4, 5-dimethyl thiazol-2-yl)-2, 5-diphenyl tetrazolium bromide) reduction assay is a method that validates the viability of an active cell. Dehydrogenase in mitochondria converts yellow colored insoluble tetrazolium salt to purple colored water-soluble formazan. Sperm also have mitochondria in the midpiece, therefore sperm viability could be evaluated by MTT reduction assay. Several studies have already demonstrated the capability of application of the MTT reduction assay to sperm of several species in Hepes-BSA buffer. Because most liquid semen was diluted in extender like BTS (Beltsville Thawing Solution), Modena or Androhep when it is used or transferred, semen needed another dilution in Hepes-BSA buffer to assess sperm viability. In this study, we evaluated boar sperm viability especially in BTS extended semen and compared the efficiency of this test with eosin-nigrosin staining. We used the fresh BTS extended semen from a local A.I center. Semen sample was diluted to sperms/ml in BTS. The rates of formazan production were measured in 96-well microtiter plates immediately and 1h after incubation at using a spectrophotometer at wave length 560 nm. Simultaneously, split samples of the same semen were tested, using eosin-nigrosin staining to compare the efficiency of the MTT assay of sperm viability in BTS. The correlation between the results of these tests was calculated using Student-t test and ANOVA. The results revealed a strong correlation between the results of MTT reduction rate and the results that were simultaneously determined by eosin-nigrosin staining at 1 h. In conclusion, the MTT reduction test was an effective and simple method to validate sperm viability and it could be used as a simple tool to evaluate sperm viability in the local A.I center and laboratory.
MTT Reduction Assay;Sperm Viability;Eosin-nigrosin Staining;BTS Extender;
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