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Dietary Bovine Colostrum Increases Villus Height and Decreases Small Intestine Weight in Early-weaned Pigs
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 Title & Authors
Dietary Bovine Colostrum Increases Villus Height and Decreases Small Intestine Weight in Early-weaned Pigs
King, M.R.; Morel, P.C.H.; Revell, D.K.; Pluske, J.R.; Birtles, M.J.;
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This experiment examined the effect of dietary spray-dried bovine colostrum on intestinal histology and organ weights in early-weaned pigs. In a randomised complete block design, twelve 14-day-old weaner pigs were offered a diet containing either 5% spray-dried bovine colostrum or no colostrum (control). Diets were formulated to contain 14.8 MJ/kg DE, 1.26% available lysine and to meet or exceed requirements for other nutrients. Piglets were offered the diets for a period of 14 days. No effect of diet on growth rate or feed intake was observed (p>0.10). Small intestine weight was reduced by 12% in piglets consuming dietary bovine colostrum (p< 0.05). Villous height and crypt depth were increased and decreased, respectively, in the proximal jejunum, mid jejunum and distal ileum of pigs consuming dietary bovine colostrum (p<0.05). Mid-jejunal lamina propria and T lymphocyte density was increased by 28 and 37%, respectively, in piglets consuming dietary bovine colostrum (p<0.05). Diet did not affect thickness of tunica muscularis externa or tunica submucosa (p>0.10). Collectively, these results suggest a positive effect of dietary bovine colostrum on intestinal morphology and immune status in early-weaned pigs.
Spray-Dried Bovine Colostrum;Intestinal Histology;Weaner Pigs;Nutrition;
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