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Effects of Supplementing Different Levels of a Commercial Enzyme Complex on Performance, Nutrient Availability, Enzyme Activity and Gut Morphology of Broilers
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Supplementing Different Levels of a Commercial Enzyme Complex on Performance, Nutrient Availability, Enzyme Activity and Gut Morphology of Broilers
Yuan, Jiu; Yao, Junhu; Yang, Fengxia; Yang, Xiaodan; Wan, Xinjie; Han, Jincheng; Wang, Yaojie; Chen, Xinke; Liu, Yurui; Zhou, Zhenfeng; Zhou, Ningbo; Feng, Xinyu;
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A trial was conducted to study the influence of different levels of a commercial enzyme complex on performance, nutrient availability, blood parameters, digestive tract measurements, amylase and trypsin activity of the digestive tract and gut morphology in broilers fed the typical diets in north China. There were four treatments: the control diet and the other three enzyme complex supplemented diets which were 180 mg/kg, 360 mg/kg and 720 mg/kg enzyme complex supplemented to the control diet, respectively. The birds fed the diets supplemented with 180 mg/kg and 360 mg/kg enzyme complex had better performance and nutrient availability, the activities of amylase and trypsin in the digestive tract in the two treatments were improved, the villus height and surface area of villus in the small intestine increased and the crypt depth and epithelial thickness of small intestine decreased. Relative weights of pancreas and relative weights and lengths of small intestine decreased. However, the addition of 720 mg/kg enzyme complex had no effects on these parameters and increased crypt depth and epithelial thickness of the small intestine. The data suggested that suitable supplementation of enzyme complex was beneficial for the birds, while excess enzyme complex inhibited secretion of endogenous enzyme and destroyed the structure of the small intestine.
Enzyme Complex;Broilers;Performance;Nutrients Utilization;Enzyme Activity;Guts Morphology;
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