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Avian Somitic Cell Chimeras Using Surrogate Eggshell Technology
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 Title & Authors
Avian Somitic Cell Chimeras Using Surrogate Eggshell Technology
Mozdziak, Paul E.; Hodgson, Dee; Petitte, James N.;
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A classical technique to study somitic cell fate is to employ the cross-transplantation of quail somites into a chick host. The densely stained nucleoli of the quail cells makes it possible to assess the fate of the donor quail cells in the chick host. Classical somite transplantation techniques have been hampered by the necessity of a small opening in the chick eggshell, difficulty in hatching the offspring and interspecies post-hatch graft rejection. With the advent of transgenic chicken technology, it is now possible to use embryos from transgenic chickens expressing reporter genes in somite cross-transplantation techniques to remove any possibility of interspecies graft rejection. This report describes using a surrogate eggshell system in conjunction with transgenic chick:chick somitic cell cross-transplantation to generate viable chimeric embryos and offspring. Greater than 40% of manipulated embryos survive past 10 days of incubation, and ~80% of embryos successfully cultured past 10 days of incubation hatched to produce viable offspring.
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