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Histological Changes of Tissues and Cell Wall of Rice Straw Influenced by Chemical Pretreatments
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 Title & Authors
Histological Changes of Tissues and Cell Wall of Rice Straw Influenced by Chemical Pretreatments
Wang, Jia-Kun; Chen, Xiao-Lian; Liu, Jian-Xin; Wu, Yue-Ming; Ye, Jun-An;
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Sodium hydroxide (SH) or ammonium bicarbonate (AB) were applied to rice straw to investigate the effects on histological change of stem tissue or cell wall before and after in sacco degradation using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and a transmission electron microscope (TEM). The SEM revealed that, the parenchyma and vascular bundles were distorted by treatment with SH at 30 or 45 g/kg straw dry matter. Faultage between phloem of large vascular bundles and parenchyma occurred with further increasing SH to 60 or 75 g/kg. The cell wall in these stem tissues was crimped when observed by TEM. However, only parenchyma and large vascular tissues were slightly distorted in AB-treated stem. For untreated and AB-treated stems, the initiation of observable ruminal degradation of cell wall was prolonged from 12 h for inner parenchyma to 24 h for sclerenchyma and to 48 h for phloem of small vascular bundles, while the outer epidermis was intact even at 72 h. For SH-treated stem, however, the cell wall from all of the investigated tissues, epidermis, small vascular bundles, sclerenchyma, and parenchyma started to be degraded at 12 h incubation. These results indicate that SH treatment contracts rice straw stem leading to an improvement in rumen degradation, and that the degradation of SH-treated stem is bilateral from inner and outer surface simultaneously.
Chemical Treatment;Electron Microscope;Histological Changes;Rice Straw Stem;Rumen Degradability;
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Mutation of Cellulose Synthase Gene Improves the Nutritive Value of Rice Straw,;;;;;

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