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Sequencing, Genomic Structure, Chromosomal Mapping and Association Study of the Porcine ADAMTS1 Gene with Litter Size
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 Title & Authors
Sequencing, Genomic Structure, Chromosomal Mapping and Association Study of the Porcine ADAMTS1 Gene with Litter Size
Yue, K.; Peng, J.; Zheng, R.; Li, J.L.; Chen, J.F.; Li, F.E.; Dai, L.H.; Ding, SH.H.; Guo, W.H.; Xu, N.Y.; Xiong, Y.ZH.; Jiang, S.W.;
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A disintegrin-like and metalloprotease (reprolysin type) with thrombospondin type 1 motif (ADAMTS1) plays a critical role in follicular rupture and represents a major advance in the proteolytic events that control ovulation. In this study, a 9,026-bp DNA sequence containing the full coding region, all 8 introns and part of the 5'and 3' untranslated region of the porcine ADAMTS1 gene was obtained. Analysis of the ADAMTS1 gene using the porcine radiation hybrid panel indicated that pig ADAMTS1 is closely linkage with microsatellite marker S0215, located on SSC13q49. The open reading frame of its cDNA covered 2,844 bp and encoded 947 amino acids. The coding region of porcine ADAMTS1 as determined by sequence alignments shared 85% and 81% identity with human and mouse cDNAs, respectively. The deduced protein contained 947 amino acids showing 85% sequence similarity both to the human and mouse proteins, respectively. Comparative sequencing of three pig breeds revealed one single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) within exon 7 of which a G-C substitution at position 6006 changes a codon for arginine into a codon for proline. The substitution was situated within a PvuII recognition site and developed as a PCR-RFLP marker for further use in population variation investigations and association analysis with litter size. Allele frequencies of this SNP were investigated in seven pig breeds/lines. An association analysis in a new Qingping female line suggested that different ADAMTS1 genotypes have significant differences in litter size (p<0.01).
Pig;Single Nucleotide Polymorphism;Radiation Hybrid Mapping;Litter Size;ADAMTS1;
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