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Carcass Traits and the Quality of Meat from Cattle Finished on Diets Containing Barley
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 Title & Authors
Carcass Traits and the Quality of Meat from Cattle Finished on Diets Containing Barley
Oliveros, M.C.R.; Park, K.M.; Kwon, E.G.; Choi, N.J.; Chang, J.S.; Hwang, Inho;
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Research on barley as an animal feed started some decades ago but its utilization in animal production has been limited to countries that grow the crop extensively. Corn has been the most popular energy feed in cattle rations, but the high price of corn and the decreased supply of the grain in the international market have shifted the focus of the animal industry to other cereal crops like barley. Studies have indicated that growth performance of cattle fed barley-based diets has been generally comparable with that of those fed corn-based diets, while results for cattle fed whole-crop barley silage have been more variable. Beef from cattle fed barley-based diets has proved to be as tender and as acceptable for taste as that from animals fed other finishing diets when compared at similar growth rates and degree of finish. The barley crop contains good amounts of antioxidants like 2"O-GIV isovitexin, so from the meat science point of view, a desirable influence of these components on meat quality traits such as meat color, oxidative stability and sensory characteristics might be expected. Furthermore, the effect of the distinctive fatty acid profile of beef fed from whole-crop barley silage on sensory traits is also an important subject to be elucidated. A lot of studies have been made over past decades on the effect of barley, and especially whole crop barley, on beef cattle production and meat quality, but these data have not been collectively documented in a review. The current review re-visits previous literature to underline the effects of barley in the diet on beef quality traits and to identify areas for further studies.
Barley Grains;Whole-crop Barley Silage;Carcass Characteristics;Meat Quality;Cattle;
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