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Economic Values for Dairy Sheep Breeds in Slovakia
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 Title & Authors
Economic Values for Dairy Sheep Breeds in Slovakia
Krupova, Zuzana; Wolfova, M.; Wolf, J.; Oravcova, M.; Margetin, M.; Peskovicova, D.; Krupa, E.; Dano, J.;
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Economic values of 14 production and functional traits for two Slovak dairy sheep breeds (Improved Valachian and Tsigai) were calculated. Semi-extensive production systems with one lambing per year were simulated using a bio-economic deterministic computer model. The marginal economic value of a trait was defined as the partial derivative of the profit function with respect to that trait. The relative economic value expressed the percentage proportion of standardized economic value (marginal economic valuegenetic standard deviation) of a trait in the sum of the absolute values of the standardized economic values over all traits. Milk yield was of highest relative importance (26% and 32% in Improved Valachian and Tsigai) followed by productive lifetime and conception rate of ewes (16% and 15% in Improved Valachian and Tsigai, in both traits). Conception rate of female lambs and litter size had nearly the same relative economic importance in both breeds (9% to 11%). Survival rate of lambs at lambing and till weaning reached slightly lower economic values (4% to 7%). The economic importance of all remaining traits was less than 4%.
Dairy Sheep;Economic Weights;Milk Production;Functional Traits;Improved Valachian;Tsigai;
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