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In vivo Antimutagenicity of Dadih Probiotic Bacteria towards Trp-P1
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 Title & Authors
In vivo Antimutagenicity of Dadih Probiotic Bacteria towards Trp-P1
Surono, Ingrid S.; Pato, Usman; Koesnandar, Koesnandar; Hosono, A.;
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In vitro acid- and bile-tolerant lactic acid bacteria isolated and identified from Indonesian traditional fermented milk dadih might be considered as potential probiotic strains after further characterization with animal models, especially for their therapeutic properties. Five dadih lactic bacteria isolates each had moderate survival rate for 2 h at pH 2.0, as well as bile tolerance. The aim of this research was to identify candidate probiotic lactic bacteria among indigenous dadih lactic isolates originated from Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, especially their in vivo antimutagenic property. Milk cultured with Enterococcus faecium IS-27526 significantly lowered fecal mutagenicity of rats as compared to the control group, skim milk, and milk cultured with L. plantarum IS-20506. These results suggest that Enterococcus faecium IS-27526 may serve as a potential probiotic strain with its antimutagenicity.
Potential Probiotic;E. faecium;Dadih;Antimutagenicity;
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된장에서 분리된 유산균의 결합력에 의한 Heterocyclic Amines 제거,임성미;

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