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The Effects of Fasting and Grazing on Na-glucose Cotransporter-1 (SGLT-1) Gene Expression of Rectal Epithelia in Beef Cattle
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of Fasting and Grazing on Na-glucose Cotransporter-1 (SGLT-1) Gene Expression of Rectal Epithelia in Beef Cattle
Kozakai, Takaharu; Imura, K.; Nakajima, K.; Sakanoue, S.; Watanabe, N.;
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The expression of SGLT-1 mRNA has been reported in the small intestine of mammals and the rectum of chickens. However, the expression and functional significance of SGLT-1 in bovine rectum is not known. In this study, we studied the effects of fasting and grazing on SGLT-1 gene expression in biopsy epithelial tissue of bovine rectum. In Japanese Black beef cattle, i) SGLT-1 gene expression was measured by quantitative real-time PCR in the biopsy rectal epithelia samples obtained through an endoscope, ii) SGLT-1 gene expression in the rectal epithelial tissues increased at 48 and 72 h after fasting correlating with a decrease in body weight. iii) SGLT-1 gene expression decreased after one month from the start of grazing (May to June) and then stabilized until the end of the grazing period (June to October) in the rectal epithelial tissues of grazing cattle. In conclusion, it is clear that SGLT-1 gene expression in the rectal epithelial tissue is increased by a restricted dietary condition.
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