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Some Factors Affecting Freezing of Boar Semen in 5 ml Maxi-straws
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 Title & Authors
Some Factors Affecting Freezing of Boar Semen in 5 ml Maxi-straws
Dai, J.J.; Wu, C.F.; Zhang, Defu; Yin, F.Z.; Zhang, T.Y.; Liu, D.; Wu, H.L.; Li, L.L.; Yang, S.T.; Wang, L.;
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A series of experiments were conducted to determine the suitable freezing and thawing temperatures for the freezing of boar semen in 5 ml maxi-straws. The ultrastructure, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination (AI) of frozen-thawed semen were also be evaluated. The 5 cm freezing height gave the best results not only in post-thaw motility rate (54.00%), but also in normal acrosome morphology rate (NAR) (80.23%). There was no significant difference in the post-thaw motility between different thawing temperatures and corresponding thawing times (p>0.05); the group of and 25 s gave the highest motility rate (45.00%). As a whole, not only from the motility but also the NAR, thawing at was better than the other two treatments. In the freezing packages, 5 ml maxi-straw gave a little lower mobility (40%), viability rate (49.58%), plasma membrane integrity rate (53.91%) and NAR (52.65%) than the 0.25 ml straw, but there was no significant difference between the two straw volumes (p>0.05). The IVF capacity of frozen-thawed semen in this experiment was similar to fresh semen. From ultrastructure observation, the main damage to boar spermatozoa after freezing was seen in the acrosome, such as swelling and formation of vesicles. After AI in recipient Shanghai White sows, frozen-thawed semen from 5 ml maxi-straws and pellets produced 72.2% and 80% conception rate and 7.8 and 8 litter sizes, respectively, and there was no significant difference between the 5 ml maxi-straw and the pellet (p>0.05).
Boar;Semen;Freeze;5 ml Maxi-straw;
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