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Nutrigenomics Approach-A Strategy for Identification of Nutrition Responsive Genes Influencing Meat Edible Quality Traits in Swine
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 Title & Authors
Nutrigenomics Approach-A Strategy for Identification of Nutrition Responsive Genes Influencing Meat Edible Quality Traits in Swine
Yin, Jingdong; Li, Defa;
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In the last 20 years, meat quality, especially meat edible quality has become a more intriguing topic in the field of swine production. In this paper, we briefly review the progress of meat quality research from the aspects of genetic selection and nutritional modulation, and propose a possible approach -nutrigenomics- to explore the nutrition-responsive major genes that affect meat quality formation during the growing and fattening of pigs.
Pig;Meat Quality;Intramuscular Fat;Major Gene;Nutrigenomics;
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