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Efficiency of Heatsynch Protocol in Estrous Synchronization, Ovulation and Conception of Dairy Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
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 Title & Authors
Efficiency of Heatsynch Protocol in Estrous Synchronization, Ovulation and Conception of Dairy Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
Mohan, Krishna; Sarkar, M.; Prakash, B.S.;
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The objectives of this study were to test the efficacy of induction of estrus and determine the timing of ovulation in relation to preovulatory LH and estrogen surges in cycling Murrah buffaloes subjected to Heatsynch protocol (GnRH--Estradiol benzoate). In experiment 1, the buffaloes (n = 10) were treated with Heatsynch protocol and observed for estrus and ovulation. In experiment 2 and 3, 30 cycling Murrah buffaloes were used to investigate the efficacy of Heatsynch protocol in terms of conception rates in summer (experiment 2) and winter (experiment 3) seasons. Fixed time A.I. was performed in all the buffaloes at 48 and 60 h post-estradiol benzoate (EB) injection. All buffaloes responded to the Heatsynch protocol with expression of estrus for which ovulations were induced in 8 buffaloes (80%). Mean time interval from the EB injection to ovulation was 50.02.0 h (range 44.0 to 60.0 h). The interval from the end of LH surge to ovulation was 18.52.47 h (range 8 to 26 h). The interval from end of estrogen surge to ovulation was 26.75 2.07 h (range 22 to 36 h). Mean LH peak after EB injection occurred at 20.811.61 h (range 14 to 28 h) and mean estrogen peak after EB injection occurred at 9.621.03 h (range 7 to 16 h). Hence, the mean estrogen peak preceded the mean LH peak by 11 h. It was observed that the percentage of conceptions to total number of estruses for control buffaloes was 18 and 30 in summer and winter, respectively, whereas it increased to 26 and 40 in Heatsynch treated buffaloes in respective seasons. The results suggest the possibility of using Heatsynch treatment followed by fixed time A.I. in buffaloes for fertility improvement, especially since the incidence of silent heat in buffaloes is very high.
Buffalo;Heatsynch;Estrus Synchronization;Timed Artificial Insemination;Ovulation;
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