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Effect of Live Yeast and Mannan-oligosaccharides on Performance of Early-lactation Holstein Dairy Cows
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Live Yeast and Mannan-oligosaccharides on Performance of Early-lactation Holstein Dairy Cows
Bagheri, M.; Ghorbani, G.R.; Rahmani, H.R.; Khorvash, M.; Nili, N.; Sudekum, K.-H.;
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This study evaluated the effects of live yeast and yeast cell-wall mannan-oligosaccharide supplementation onperformance and nutrient digestibility during early lactation in cows fed a diet based on a mixture of corn silage and alfalfa hay as forage sources. Eight multiparous Holstein dairy cows (average days in milk, 276) were used in a replicated 44 Latin square design. Diets contained 45% forage and 55% concentrate on a dry matter (DM) basis and treatments were: i) basal diet without additive (Control), ii) basal diet with 32 g/d of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), iii) basal diet with colony forming units per day (cfu/d) of live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM 1-1077; SC), and iv) basal diet with a mixture of MOS (32 g/d) and SC ( cfu/d; MOS+SC). Treatments had no effect (p>0.05) on DM intake and yields of milk, 3.5% fat-(FCM) and energy-corrected milk (ECM), and on milk fat percentage, body condition score and blood metabolites. Compared with the Control, only supplementation of SC resulted in numerically higher yields of FCM (41.9 vs. 40.1 kg/d) and ECM (41.8 vs. 40.3 kg/d), and milk fat percentage (3.64 vs. 3.43%). While the MOS diet had no effects on performance compared to the Control, the combination treatment MOS+SC increased milk protein percentage (p<0.05). Also, the MOS supplementation, both alone or in combination with SC, numerically increased milk fat percentage. The SC supplementation increased apparent digestibility of DM and crude protein while the MOS supplementation did not affect digestibility. Concentrations of total volatile fatty acids (VFA) and ruminal pH were similar across treatments. Overall results indicated that supplementation of MOS produced variable and inconsistent effects on rumen metabolism and performance, whereas SC supplementation improved nutrient digestibility and numerically increased FCM and ECM yields, which could not be enhanced by the combined supplementation of MOS+SC. According to our experimental condition, there was no effect of MOS alone or in combination with SC on dairy cow performance.
Feed Additive;Yeast;Mannan-oligosaccharides;Dairy Cow;Performance;
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