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A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in LOC534614 as an Unknown Gene Associated with Body Weight and Cold Carcass Weight in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle)
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 Title & Authors
A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in LOC534614 as an Unknown Gene Associated with Body Weight and Cold Carcass Weight in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle)
Lee, Y.S.; Oh, D.Y.; Kim, J.J.; Lee, J.H.; Park, H.S.; Yeo, J.S.;
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A major aim of cattle genome research is to identify candidate genes associated with meat quantity and quality through QTL analysis for application in the livestock industry. Therefore, this study focused on discovery of useful SNPs within the LOC534614 gene, containing 12273_165 SNP which is located on the same site as the QTL on chromosome 6, and evaluation of the association between SNP and body weight and cold carcass weight in Hanwoo (Korean cattle) As a result of a BLAST search of the NCBI web site, we discovered that the mRNA sequence of the LOC534614 gene was similar to that of the coiled-coil domain containing 158 (CCDC158) for dog and human. According to the direct DNA sequence from the CCDC158 gene, we identified 19 polymorphic SNPs within exons and their flanking regions. Among them, 17 polymorphic SNPs were selected for genotyping in Hanwoo (n = 476) and seventeen marker haplotypes containing 12273_165 SNP (frequency >0.1) were identified. As a result of the association between 17 polymorphic SNPs and Hanwoo (n = 476), g.8778G>A SNP in exon 6 was found to be a non-synonymous SNP, and was significantly associated with body weight and cold carcass weight (p<0.05). We discovered 19 polymorphic SNPs in the CCDC158 gene on the QTL region of BTA 6 in Hanwoo and identified that the g.8778G>A SNP was significantly associated with body weight and cold carcass weight (p<0.05), which causes an amino acid variation from valine to methionine. Furthermore, statistical analysis demonstrated that the CCDC158 gene is strongly associated with body weight and cold carcass weight in Hanwoo. In this regard, the g.8778G>A SNP in the CCDC158 gene can be useful as a positional candidate for body weight and cold carcass weight for marker-assisted selection in Hanwoo.
SNP;Hanwoo;QTL;CCDC158 Gene;Weight;
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