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Effects of Non-starch Polysaccharide-degrading Enzymes on Nutrient Digestibility, Growth Performance and Blood Profiles of Growing Pigs Fed a Diet Based on Corn and Soybean Meal
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Effects of Non-starch Polysaccharide-degrading Enzymes on Nutrient Digestibility, Growth Performance and Blood Profiles of Growing Pigs Fed a Diet Based on Corn and Soybean Meal
Ao, X.; Meng, Q.W.; Yan, L.; Kim, H.J.; Hong, S.M.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H.;
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Two experiments with growing pigs were conducted to investigate the effects of two distinct multienzyme preparations on nutrient digestibility, growth performance and blood profiles. In Exp. 1, a total of 96 pigs () were utilized in a 42-day performance and digestibility trial using four dietary treatments: CON (control diet), ENDO (control+0.10% Endopower), NSPase1 (control+0.10% NSPase) and NSPase2 (control+0.20% NSPase). Endopower was a commercial multienzyme preparation which contained -galactosidase, galactomannase, xylanase and -glucanase. NSPase mainly contained -1,6--galactosidase, -1,4-mannanase and -1,4-mannosidase. There were six replication pens per treatment with four pigs per pen. Pigs fed NSPase1 diet had a higher ADG (p<0.05) and G:F (p<0.05) than those fed the control diet. There were no significant differences in growth performance among the multienzyme treatments (p>0.05). Compared with CON, apparent digestibility of DM was increased (p<0.05) by ENDO treatment. N digestibility was improved (p<0.05) in response to multienzyme treatments during the experimental period. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) was higher (p<0.05) in ENDO treatment than in CON and NSPase1 treatments at the end of the experiment, while the glucose level improved (p<0.05) due to ENDO and NSPase2 treatments. In Exp. 2, four ileal-cannulated, growing barrows () were housed in individual metabolism crates and randomly assigned to 1of 4 treatments (same as Exp. 1) within a Latin square design. Enzyme supplementations improved the majority of apparent ileal amino acid digestibilities (p<0.05). It is concluded that the supplementation of NSPase1 improved growth performance as well as N digestibility and partially improved apparent ileal amino acid digestibility in growing pigs fed a diet based on corn and soybean meal.
Enzymes;Pigs;Performance;Digestibility;Blood Profiles;
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