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Protein Status of Indigenous Nguni and Crossbred Cattle in the Semi-arid Communal Rangelands in South Africa
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 Title & Authors
Protein Status of Indigenous Nguni and Crossbred Cattle in the Semi-arid Communal Rangelands in South Africa
Mapiye, C.; Chimonyo, M.; Dzama, K.; Marufu, M.C.;
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The objective of the current study was to determine factors influencing concentrations of protein-related blood metabolites in indigenous Nguni and crossbred cattle in the semi-arid communal rangelands in South Africa. The body condition scores (BCS), packed cell volume (PCV) and serum concentrations of protein-related metabolites were determined seasonally in 100 cattle raised on communal rangelands from August 2007 to May 2008. Nguni cattle had lower (p<0.05) albumin-globulin ratio, albumin, urea and creatinine, and higher (p<0.05) globulin concentrations than the local crossbreds. Local crossbreds had higher (p<0.05) alanine aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase concentrations and lower (p<0.05) aspartate aminotransferase concentrations in the postrainy season than Nguni cattle. The creatinine concentrations of Nguni and crossbred cattle were lowest in the sour rangeland during the hot-wet season. The albumin concentrations of Nguni and crossbred cattle were higher (p<0.05) whilst PCV, albumin-globulin ratio and creatine kinase concentration were lower (p<0.05) in the sour rangeland than in the sweet rangeland. Total protein, albumin, globulin, aspartate aminotransferase and creatine kinase concentrations of Nguni and crossbred cattle were lower (p<0.05) in the hot-wet and late cool-dry seasons than in other seasons across rangeland types. Urea concentrations in both breeds were highest in the sweet rangeland in the hot-dry season compared to other seasons. It was concluded that Nguni cattle had lower concentrations of protein metabolites than local crossbreds and protein deficiencies were most prominent in the sweet rangeland during the cool-dry seasons.
Albumin;Alanine Aminotransferase;Aspartate Aminotransferase;Globulin;Creatinine;Urea;
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