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Reproductive Performance, Milk Composition, Blood Metabolites and Hormone Profiles of Lactating Sows Fed Diets with Different Cereal and Fat Sources
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Reproductive Performance, Milk Composition, Blood Metabolites and Hormone Profiles of Lactating Sows Fed Diets with Different Cereal and Fat Sources
Park, M.S.; Shinde, P.L.; Yang, Y.X.; Kim, J.S.; Choi, J.Y.; Yun, K.; Kim, Y.W.; Lohakare, J.D.; Yang, B.K.; Lee, J.K.; Chae, Byung-Jo;
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Different dietary cereal sources and fat types in the lactation diet were evaluated to investigate their effects on reproductive performance, milk composition, blood metabolites and hormones in multiparous sows. Twenty-four sows were randomly assigned to one of four treatments according to a 22 factorial arrangement of treatments. Each treatment had 6 replicates comprising 1 sow. Two cereal (corn or wheat) and two fat (tallow or soybean oil) sources were used to prepare iso-caloric and iso-nitrogenous diets. Sows fed corn-based diets lost less body weight (p = 0.003) and backfat thickness (p = 0.034), consumed more feed (p = 0.032) and had shorter wean-to-estrus interval (p = 0.016) than sows fed wheat-based diets. Fewer piglets and lower body weight of piglets (p<0.05) at weaning were noted in sows fed wheat-based diets than in sows fed corn-based diets. However, no significant effects (p>0.05) of dietary fat source and its interaction with dietary cereal source on sow body condition and reproductive performance were observed during lactation. Feeding of a corn-based diet improved (p<0.05) sow milk total solid, protein and fat, increased blood urea nitrogen (p = 0.032) and triglyceride (p = 0.018), and decreased blood creatinine (p = 0.011) concentration at weaning when compared with sows fed wheatbased diets. Sows fed corn-based diets had higher concentration of insulin (p = 0.048) and LH (p<0.05) at weaning than sows fed wheatbased diets. The results indicate that feeding corn-based diets to lactating sows improved sow body condition and reproductive performance compared with wheat-based diets regardless of fat sources.
Cereal;Fat;Reproductive Performance;Sow;
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