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Amino Acids and Protein Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy Availability of Barley Ration in Response to Grind® Enzyme in Broiler Chickens
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 Title & Authors
Amino Acids and Protein Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy Availability of Barley Ration in Response to Grind® Enzyme in Broiler Chickens
Saki, Ali Asghar; Mirzayi, S.; Ghazi, Sh.; Moini, M.M.; Naseri Harsini, R.;
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Increasing accuracy of broiler diet formulation based on amino acid digestibility in comparison to application of total amino acids could lead to more feed efficiency and productivity. This experiment was conducted for determination of sampling site (excreta and ileum) and recognition of the effects of a commercial enzyme ( Danisco, Finland) on metabolizable energy, protein and amino acid digestibility of barley. This study was modulated by a marker in 21-day old Arbor Acres chickens. Corn-soybean meal was used as a control diet and, in the other two treatments, barley (at a level of 40%) with and without enzyme as the test ingredient were supplemented to the basal diet. Chromic oxide was included in all diets (0.5%) as an indigestible marker. Apparent metabolizable energy (AME), corrected by nitrogen (AMEn) and apparent digestibility of aspartic acid, glutamic acid, serine, glycine, alanine, tyrosine, valine and methionine were significantly (p<0.05) higher in feces than ileum. Protein digestibility of diet and barley was significantly (p<0.05) higher in the ileum than in feces. Apparent digestibility of tryptophan, proline, methionine, phenylalanine and lysine was increased significantly (p<0.05) by enzyme supplementation. In contrast, no response was observed in AME, AMEn, and protein digestibility of the diet and barley by enzyme supplementation. The results of this study have shown that AME and amino acid digestibility were increased in feces, in contrast an adverse effect was observed for protein digestibility of the diet and barley.
Metabolizable Energy;Protein Digestibility;Amino Acid Digestibility;Ileum, Excreta;
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