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Effect of Naked Neck Gene on Immune Competence, Serum Biochemical and Carcass Traits in Chickens under a Tropical Climate
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Naked Neck Gene on Immune Competence, Serum Biochemical and Carcass Traits in Chickens under a Tropical Climate
Rajkumar, U.; Reddy, B.L.N.; Rajaravindra, K.S.; Niranjan, M.; Bhattacharya, T.K.; Chatterjee, R.N.; Panda, A.K.; Reddy, M.R.; Sharma, R.P.;
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A comprehensive study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of naked neck (Na) gene on immune competence, serum biochemical parameters and carcass quality traits in three genotypes (NaNa, Nana and nana) of the naked neck chicken under a tropical climate (Southern India). Sixty day-old chicks (20 from each genotype) were selected randomly and reared under similar environmental conditions up to eight weeks of age. The cell mediated immune (CMI) response to phytohaemoagglutinin-P (PHA-P) was significantly higher () in NaNa and Nana genotypes compared to nana birds. The humoral response as measured by antibody titre to sheep red blood cells (SRBC) was also significantly higher in NaNa. The total cholesterol, LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels were significantly () lower whereas HDL cholesterol level was significantly higher in NaNa and Nana compared to nana genotype. The presence of Na allele significantly increased the live weight and dressing yield, and decreased the feather cover and abdominal fat. The naked neck genotypes (NaNa/Nana) performed better than the normal (nana) siblings for almost all the traits studied.
Naked Neck Gene;Immune Competence;Serum Biochemical Parameters;Carcass Traits;Tropical Climate;
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Evaluation of Growth, Carcass, Immune Response and Stress Parameters in Naked Neck Chicken and Their Normal Siblings under Tropical Winter and Summer Temperatures,;;;;;

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