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Effects of Using Monensin and Different Levels of Crude Protein on Milk Production, Blood Metabolites and Digestion of Dairy Cows
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Using Monensin and Different Levels of Crude Protein on Milk Production, Blood Metabolites and Digestion of Dairy Cows
Ghorbani, B.; Ghoorchi, T.; Amanlou, H.; Zerehdaran, S.;
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Twenty-four Holstein dairy cows were used to evaluate the single and combined effects of different levels of crude protein (CP) and monensin treatment during early lactation on blood metabolites, milk yield and digestion of dairy cows. The experiment was designed as a completely randomized block with a factorial arrangement of treatments. The factors were three concentrations of CP supplement (19.5, 21.4, and 23.4% of dry matter) and two levels of monensin (0 and 350 mg per cow per day). The experiment consisted of three phases and each phase was 3 wk in length. Monensin did not affect milk yield, lactose, solids-non-fat (SNF), blood glucose, triglyceride and DMI, but increased blood cholesterol, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), insulin and reduced blood -hydroxybutyrate (BHBA), milk fat and protein percentage. Monensin premix significantly decreased rumen ammonia, but rumen pH and microbial protein synthesis were not affected by monensin treatment. Increasing dietary CP improved milk and protein production, but did not alter the other components of milk. Digestibility of NDF, ADF, CP were improved by increasing dietary CP. Increasing dietary CP from 19.5 to 21.4% had no significant effect on ruminal ammonia, but increasing CP to 23.4% significantly increased ruminal ammonia. There was a linear relationship between level of crude protein in the diet and volume of urine excretion. Microbial protein synthesis was affected by increasing CP level; in this way maximum protein synthesis was achieved at 23.4% CP.
Monensin;Crude Protein;Blood Parameters;Milk Production;Dairy Cow;
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