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Meta Analysis to Draw the Appropriate Regimen of Enzyme and Probiotic Supplementation to Pigs and Chicken Diets
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 Title & Authors
Meta Analysis to Draw the Appropriate Regimen of Enzyme and Probiotic Supplementation to Pigs and Chicken Diets
Ohh, Sang-Jip;
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Along with the recent changes in animal feed supply circumstances, many enzyme and probiotic feed supplements have been introduced and applied to pigs and chicken diets. Therefore, both selection of the appropriate feed supplements and their proper supplementation becomes critical to justify the supplementation. Meta-analysis was proposed as an appropriate tool to assess the large amount of relevant information. In this review, reliable data from recent publications was compounded then analyzed to determine the best practice of effective enzyme supplementation from the perspectives of animal species, age, characteristics of feed, target substrates, optimum multi enzymes combination and intended objectives. The results of the analysis suggested pratical methods of probiotic supplementation regarding intestinal microbiota, physiological limitation of probiotics, maximization of the probiotic benefit and synergism with prebiotic supplements.
Enzymes;Probiotics;Pigs;Chicken;Feed Supplementation;
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