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DNA Polymorphism in SLC11A1 Gene and its Association with Brucellosis Resistance in Indian Zebu (Bos indicus) and Crossbred (Bos indicus×Bos taurus) Cattle
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 Title & Authors
DNA Polymorphism in SLC11A1 Gene and its Association with Brucellosis Resistance in Indian Zebu (Bos indicus) and Crossbred (Bos indicus×Bos taurus) Cattle
Kumar, Nishant; Ganguly, Indrajit; Singh, Rajendra; Deb, Sitangsu M.; Kumar, Subodh; Sharma, Arjava; Mitra, Abhijit;
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The PCR- restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) in and around TM4 of SLC11A1 gene and its association with the incidences of brucellosis in Hariana breed (Bos indicus) and Holstein Friesian crossbred (Bos indicusBos taurus) cattle was examined. A fragment of 954 bp encoding the TM4 was amplified, and RFLP was identified by digestion of the amplicon independently with AluI and TaqI. The amplicon (GenBank Acc. No. AY338470 and AY338471) comprised of a part of exon V (<59 bp) and VII (62>), and entire intron 5 (423 bp), exon VI (71 bp) and intron 6 (339 bp). Digestion with AluI revealed the presence of two alleles viz, A (281, 255, 79 and 51 bp) and B (541, 255, 79 and 51 bp). The frequency of A allele was estimated as 0.80 and 0.73 in Hariana and crossbred cattle, respectively. Due to presence of a polymorphic TaqI site at intron 5, two alleles: T (552 and 402 bp) and Q (231, 321 and 402 bp) were identified. The frequency of T allele was estimated as 0.96 and 0.97, respectively. For association study, on the basis of serological tests and history of abortion, the animals were grouped into "affected" and "non-affected". However, no association could be established with the observed RFLPs.
Genetic Resistance;DNA Polymorphism;SLC11A1;Zebu Cattle;Crossbred Cattle;Brucellosis;
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