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Polymorphism of Exon 2 of BMP15 Gene and Its Relationship with Litter Size of Two Chinese Goats
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 Title & Authors
Polymorphism of Exon 2 of BMP15 Gene and Its Relationship with Litter Size of Two Chinese Goats
Wang, Yuqin; Yuanxiao, Li; Nana, Zhang; Zhanbin, Wang; Junyan, Bai;
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Polymorphisms of BMP15 gene exon 2 and its relationship with prolificacy of goats were detected by PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing methods in Chinese two local goat breeds. The results showed that the product amplified by the primers displayed polymorphisms. Three genotypes (AA, BB and AB) were detected in Funiu white goats, and their frequency was 0.071, 0.715, 0.214, respectively. Two genotypes (AB and BB) were detected in Taihang black goats, and their frequency was 0.342 and 0.658, respectively. Sequencing revealed that four mutations (456TG, 466CG, 510CT, 511TC) occurred in genotype BB of Funiu white goat, which resulted in amino acid substitution of V155G and S171P. No mutation was detected in Taihang black goat. The Funiu white goat with genotype BB had 0.91 or 0.82 kids, more than those with AB or AA, respectively. The difference of the least squares means for litter size between BB and AB was not significant (p>0.05) in Taihang black goat. It is concluded that the BMP15 gene may be a major gene which affects the prolificacy in Funiu white goats. This study could provide basic molecular data on the reproductive characteristics of local breeds of Henan province in China, and a scientific basis for the conservation and utilization of those two goat breeds.
Bone Morphogenetic Protein 15 (BMP15);Goat;Prolificacy;
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