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Effects of Gestational Housing on Reproductive Performance and Behavior of Sows with Different Backfat Thickness
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Gestational Housing on Reproductive Performance and Behavior of Sows with Different Backfat Thickness
Kim, K.H.; Hosseindoust, A.; Ingale, S.L.; Lee, S.H.; Noh, H.S.; Choi, Y.H.; Jeon, S.M.; Kim, Y.H.; Chae, B.J.;
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The present study investigated the effects of back-fat thickness at d 107 of gestation and housing types during gestation on reproductive performance and behavior of sows. A total of 64 crossbred sows () in their 3 to 4 parities were allotted to one of four treatments (n
Back-fat Thickness;Behavior;Housing;Reproductive Performance;Sows;
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