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Influence of Wheat Straw Pelletizing and Inclusion Rate in Dry Rolled or Steam-flaked Corn-based Finishing Diets on Characteristics of Digestion for Feedlot Cattle
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Influence of Wheat Straw Pelletizing and Inclusion Rate in Dry Rolled or Steam-flaked Corn-based Finishing Diets on Characteristics of Digestion for Feedlot Cattle
Manriquez, O.M.; Montano, M.F.; Calderon, J.F.; Valdez, J.A.; Chirino, J.O.; Gonzalez, V.M.; Salinas-Chavira, J.; Mendoza, G.D.; Soto, S.; Zinn, R.A.;
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Eight Holstein steers ( body weight) fitted with ruminal and duodenal cannulas were used to evaluate effects of wheat straw processing (ground vs pelleted) at two straw inclusion rates (7% and 14%; dry matter basis) in dry rolled or steam-flaked corn-based finishing diets on characteristics of digestion. The experimental design was a split plot consisting of two simultaneous Latin squares. Increasing straw level reduced ruminal (p<0.01) and total tract (p
Digestion;Cattle;Wheat Straw;Corn Grain;Processing;
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