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The Effects of Dietary Phosphorus on the Growth Performance and Phosphorus Excretion of Dairy Heifers
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of Dietary Phosphorus on the Growth Performance and Phosphorus Excretion of Dairy Heifers
Zhang, B.; Wang, C.; Wei, Z.H.; Sun, H.Z.; Xu, G.Z.; Liu, J.X.; Liu, H.Y.;
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The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of reducing dietary phosphorus (P) on the frame size, udder traits, blood parameters and nutrient digestibility coefficient in 8- to 10-month-old Holstein heifers. Forty-five heifers were divided into 15 blocks according to the mo of age and were randomly assigned one of three dietary treatments: 0.26% (low P [LP]), 0.36% (medium P [MP]), or 0.42% (high P [HP]) (dry matter basis). Samples were collected at the wk 1, 4, 8. The results show that low dietary P had no effect on body measurement. The blood P concentration decreased with decreasing dietary P (p<0.05), while the blood calcium content of LP was higher than that of the MP and HP groups (p<0.05), though still in the normal range. The serum contents of alkalinephosphatase, potassium, and magnesium were similar among the treatments. No differences were found in all nutrients` apparent digestibility coefficients with varied dietary P. However, with P diet decreased from HP to LP, the total fecal P and urine P concentration declined significantly, as did fecal water soluble P (p<0.05). In conclusion, reducing the dietary P from 0.42% to 0.26% did not negatively affect the heifers` growth performance but did significantly lessen manure P excretion into the environment.
Heifers;Growth Performance;Phosphorus;Phosphorus Excretion;
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