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A Novel type of High-Frequency Transformer Linked Soft-Switching PWM DC-DC Power Converter for Large Current Applications
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 Title & Authors
A Novel type of High-Frequency Transformer Linked Soft-Switching PWM DC-DC Power Converter for Large Current Applications
Morimoto Keiki; Ahmed Nabil A.; Lee Hyun-Woo; Nakaoka Mutsuo;
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This paper presents a new circuit topology of DC busline switch and snubbing capacitor-assisted full-bridge soft-switching PWM inverter type DC-DC power converter with a high frequency link for low voltage large current applications as DC feeding systems, telecommunication power plants, automotive DC bus converters, plasma generator, electro plating plants, fuel cell interfaced power conditioner and arc welding power supplies. The proposed power converter circuit is based upon a voltage source-fed H type full-bridge high frequency PWM inverter with a high frequency transformer link. The conventional type high frequency inverter circuit is modified by adding a single power semiconductor switching device in series with DC rail and snubbing lossless capacitor in parallel with the inverter bridge legs. All the active power switches in the full-bridge inverter arms and DC busline can achieve ZVS/ZVT turn-off and ZCS turn-on commutation operation. Therefore, the total switching losses at turn-off and turn-on switching transitions of these power semiconductor devices can be reduced even in the high switching frequency bands ranging from 20 kHz to 100 kHz. The switching frequency of this DC-DC power converter using IGBT power modules is selected to be 60 kHz. It is proved experimentally by the power loss analysis that the more the switching frequency increases, the more the proposed DC-DC converter can achieve high performance, lighter in weight, lower power losses and miniaturization in size as compared to the conventional hard switching one. The principle of operation, operation modes, practical and inherent effectiveness of this novel DC-DC power converter topology is proved for a low voltage and large current DC-DC power supplies of arc welder applications in industry.
DC-DC power converter;High frequency transformer link;Quasi-resonant soft-switching PWM;Active Snubber by DC rail switch and lossless capacitor;Low voltage large current DC power supply;Arc welding power supply;
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