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A Method for Estimating an Instantaneous Phasor Based on a Modified Notch Filter
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 Title & Authors
A Method for Estimating an Instantaneous Phasor Based on a Modified Notch Filter
Nam Soon-Ryul; Sohn Jin-Man; Kang Sang-Hee; Park Jong-Keun;
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A method for estimating the instantaneous phasor of a fault current signal is proposed for high-speed distance protection that is immune to a DC-offset. The method uses a modified notch filter in order to eliminate the power frequency component from the fault current signal. Since the output of the modified notch filter is the delayed DC-offset, delay compensation results in the same waveform as the original DC-offset. Subtracting the obtained DC-offset from the fault current signal yields a sinusoidal waveform, which becomes the real part of the instantaneous phasor. The imaginary part of the instantaneous phasor is based on the first difference of the fault current signal. Since a DC-offset also appears in the first difference, the DC-offset is removed trom the first difference using the results of the delay compensation. The performance of the proposed method was evaluated for a-phase to ground faults on a 345kV 100km overhead transmission line. The Electromagnetic Transient Program was utilized to generate fault current signals for different fault locations and fault inception angles. The performance evaluation showed that the proposed method can estimate the instantaneous phasor of a fault current signal with high speed and high accuracy.
DC-offset;Distance protection;Estimation;First difference;Instantaneous phasor;Modified notch filter;
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