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Highly Efficient Control of the Doubly Fed Induction Motor
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 Title & Authors
Highly Efficient Control of the Doubly Fed Induction Motor
Drid, Said; Makouf, Abdesslam; Nait-Said, Mohamed-Said; Tadjine, Mohamed;
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This paper deals with the high efficient vector control for the reduction of copper losses of the doubly fed motor. Firstly, the feedback linearization control based on Lyapunov approach is employed to design the underlying controller achieving the double fluxes orientation. The fluxes# controllers are designed independently of the speed. The speed controller is designed using the Lyapunov method especially employed to the unknown load torques. The global asymptotic stability of the overall system is theoretically proven. Secondly, a new Torque Copper Losses Factor is proposed to deal with the problem of the machine copper losses. Its main function is to optimize the torque in keeping the machine saturation at an acceptable level. This leads to a reduction in machine currents and therefore their accompanied copper losses guaranteeing improved machine efficiency. The simulation and experimental results in comparative presentation confirm largely the effectiveness of the proposed DFIM control with a very interesting energy saving contribution.
Copper Losses;Doubly Fed Induction Machine;Flux Orientation;Lyapunov Function;Nonlinear Feedback Control;Optimization;Torque Optimization;Vector Control;
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