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Power Flow Control of Grid-Connected Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems
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 Title & Authors
Power Flow Control of Grid-Connected Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems
Hajizadeh, Amin; Golkar, Masoud Aliakbar;
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This paper presents the operation of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation(FCDG) systems in distribution systems. Hence, modeling, controller design, and simulation study of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(SOFC) distributed generation(DG) system are investigated. The physical model of the fuel cell stack and dynamic models of power conditioning units are described. Then, suitable control architecture based on fuzzy logic and the neural network for the overall system is presented in order to activate power control and power quality improvement. A MATLAB/Simulink simulation model is developed for the SOFC DG system by combining the individual component models and the controllers designed for the power conditioning units. Simulation results are given to show the overall system performance including active power control and voltage regulation capability of the distribution system.
Distributed Generation;Fuel Cell;Power Flow Control;Power Quality;
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