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A New Waveshaper for Harmonic Mitigation in Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives
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 Title & Authors
A New Waveshaper for Harmonic Mitigation in Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives
Singh, Bhim; Garg, Vipin; Bhuvaneshwari, G.;
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This paper deals with a new wave shaping technique for cost effective harmonic mitigation in ac-dc converter feeding Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives(VCIMD`s) for improving power quality at the point of common coupling(PCC). The proposed harmonic mitigator consists of a polygon connected autotransformer based twelve-pulse ac-dc converter and a small rating passive shunt filter tuned for harmonic frequency. This ac-dc converter eliminates the most dominant harmonics and imposes the reduction of other higher order harmonics from the ac main current, thereby improving the power quality at ac mains. The design of autotransformer is carried out for the proposed ac-dc converter to make it suitable for retrofit applications, where presently a 6-pulse ac-dc converter is used. The effect of load variation on VCIMD is also studied to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed ac-dc converter in a wide operating range of the drive. Experimental results obtained on the developed laboratory prototype of the proposed harmonic mitigator are used to validate the model and design of the ac-dc converter.
Autotransformer;Multipulse AC-DC Converter;Passive Filter;Power Quality;VCIMD;
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