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Internet Traffic Control Using Dynamic Neural Networks
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 Title & Authors
Internet Traffic Control Using Dynamic Neural Networks
Cho, Hyun-Cheol; Fadali, M. Sami; Lee, Kwon-Soon;
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Active Queue Management(AQM) has been widely used for congestion avoidance in Transmission Control Protocol(TCP) networks. Although numerous AQM schemes have been proposed to regulate a queue size close to a reference level, most of them are incapable of adequately adapting to TCP network dynamics due to TCP`s non-linearity and time-varying stochastic properties. To alleviate these problems, we introduce an AQM technique based on a dynamic neural network using the Back-Propagation(BP) algorithm. The dynamic neural network is designed to perform as a robust adaptive feedback controller for TCP dynamics after an adequate training period. We evaluate the performances of the proposed neural network AQM approach using simulation experiments. The proposed approach yields superior performance with faster transient time, larger throughput, and higher link utilization compared to two existing schemes: Random Early Detection(RED) and Proportional-Integral(PI)-based AQM. The neural AQM outperformed PI control and RED, especially in transient state and TCP dynamics variation.
Active Queue Management;Dynamic Neural Network;TCP;Traffic Control;
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