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Design of Real-Time Autonomic Nervous System Evaluation System Using Heart Instantaneous Frequency
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 Title & Authors
Design of Real-Time Autonomic Nervous System Evaluation System Using Heart Instantaneous Frequency
Noh, Yeon-Sik; Park, Sung-Jun; Park, Sung-Bin; Yoon, Hyung-Ro;
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In this study, we attempt to design a real-time autonomic nervous system(ANS) evaluation system usable during exercise using heart instantaneous frequency(HIF). Although heart rate variability(HRV) is considered to be a representative signal widely used ANS evaluation system, the R-peak detection process must be included to obtain an HRV signal, which involves a high sampling frequency and interpolation process. In particular, it cannot accurately evaluate the ANS using HRV signals during exercise because it is difficult to detect the R-peak of electrocardiogram(ECG) signals with exposure to many noises during exercise. Therefore, in this study, we develop the ground for a system that can analyze an ANS in real-time by using the HIF signal circumventing the problem of the HRV signal during exercise. First, we compare the HRV and HIF signals in order to prove that the HIF signal is more efficient for ANS analysis than HRV signals during exercise. Further, we performed real-time ANS analysis using HIF and confirmed that the exerciser`s ANS variation experiences massive surges at points of acceleration and deceleration of the treadmill(similar to HRV).
Heart Rate Variability(HRV);Heart Instantaneous Frequency(HIF);Short Time Fourier Transform(STFT);Real Time Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) Evaluation during exercise;
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광용적맥파와 정량적 감각검사의 비교를 통한 진단적 유용성,이상봉;서정혁;

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