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Electrochemical Detection of Self-Assembled Viologen Modified Electrode as Mediator of Glucose Sensor
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 Title & Authors
Electrochemical Detection of Self-Assembled Viologen Modified Electrode as Mediator of Glucose Sensor
Lee, Dong-Yun; Choi, Won-Suk; Park, Sang-Hyun; Kwon, Young-Soo;
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An amperometric glucose biosensor has been developed using viologen derivatives as a charge transfer mediator between a glucose oxidase (GOD) and a gold electrode. A highly stable self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of thiol-based viologen was immobilized onto the gold electrode of a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) and GOD was immobilized onto the viologen modified electrode. This biosensor response to glucose was evaluated amperometrically in the potential of -300mV. Upon immobilization of the glucose oxidase onto the viologen modified electrode, the biosensor showed rapid response towards glucose. Experimental conditions influencing the biosensor performance, such as pH potential, were optimized and assessed. This biosensor offered excellent electrochemical responses for glucose concentration below mol level with high sensitivity and selectivity and short response time. The levels of the RSDs (<5%) for the entire analyses reflected the highly reproducible sensor performance. A linear calibration range between the current and the glucose concentration was obtained up to . The detection limit was determined to be .
Glucose Biosensor;Viologen;Mediator;Glucose Oxidase;Detection Limit;
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자기조립단층과 농축 기술을 이용한 저농도 내분비계 장애물질 검출용 미소유체채널 기반 전기화학 센서,김수윤;한지훈;박정호;

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