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Direct Torque Control Strategy (DTC) Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drive
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 Title & Authors
Direct Torque Control Strategy (DTC) Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drive
Tlemcani, A.; Bouchhida, O.; Benmansour, K.; Boudana, D.; Boucherit, M.S.;
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This paper introduces the design of a fuzzy logic controller in conjunction with direct torque control strategy for a Permanent Magnet synchronous machine. A stator flux angle mapping technique is proposed to reduce significantly the size of the rule base to a great extent so that the fuzzy reasoning speed increases. Also, a fuzzy resistance estimator is developed to estimate the change in the stator resistance. The change in the steady state value of stator current for a constant torque and flux reference is used to change the value of stator resistance used by the controller to match the machine resistance.
Direct torque control;fuzzy logic;fuzz resistance estimator;permanent magnet synchronous machine drive;stator resistance;switching tables;
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