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Texture, Morphology and Photovoltaic Characteristics of Nanoporous F:SnO2 Films
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 Title & Authors
Texture, Morphology and Photovoltaic Characteristics of Nanoporous F:SnO2 Films
Han, Deok-Woo; Heo, Jong-Hyun; Kwak, Dong-Joo; Han, Chi-Hwan; Sung, Youl-Moon;
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The nanoporous materials have been prepared through the controlled hydrolysis of fluoro(2-methylbutan-2-oxy)di(pentan-2,4-dionato)tin followed by thermal treatment at . The main IR features include resonances at 660, 620 and 540 cm-1. From the TG-DTG result, three main mass losses of 6.5, 13.3 and 3.8 at 81, 289 and are observed between 50 and yielding a final residue of 76.0%. The size of Sn nanoparticles rose from 5 nm to 10-12 nm as the temperature of thermal treatment is increased from 400 to .マꁳĀ㋞ꁳĀ㓞ꁳĀ㛞ꁳĀ㣞ꁳЀȀ㻞ꁳࠀ䟞ꁳഀ嗞ꁳఀ拞ꁳ؀槞ꁳ尀额�⨀瘀额�⨀Ȁﳞꁳऀ۟ꁳఀȀᓟꁳ᐀⧟ꁳऀȀȀȀȀȀ㣟ꁳࠀ凟ꁳԀ域ꁳ܀忟ꁳࠀ
film;Sol-gel;Nanoporous materials;Dye sensitized solar cells;Transparent conductive oxide;
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