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Three-Phase 4-Wire Isolated Wind Energy Conversion System Employing VSC with a T-Connected Transformer for Neutral Current Compensation
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 Title & Authors
Three-Phase 4-Wire Isolated Wind Energy Conversion System Employing VSC with a T-Connected Transformer for Neutral Current Compensation
Kasal, Gaurav Kumar; Singh, Bhim;
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This paper presents a voltage and frequency controller (VFC) for a 4-wire stand-alone wind energy conversion system (WECS) employing an asynchronous generator. The proposed VF con-troller consists of a three leg IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Junction Transistor) based voltage source converter and a battery at its DC bus. The neutral terminal for the consumer loads is created using a T-connected transformer, which consists of only two single phase transformers. The control algorithm of the VF controller is developed for the bidirectional flow capability of the active power and reactive power control by which it controls the WECS voltage and frequency under different dynamic conditions, such as varying consumer loads and varying wind speeds. The WECS is modeled and simulated in MATLAB using Simulink and PSB toolboxes. Extensive results are presented to demonstrate the capability of the VF controller as a harmonic eliminator, a load balancer, a neutral current compensator as well as a voltage and frequency controller.
Stand-alone wind energy conversion system;Voltage source converter;Voltage and frequency control;T-connected transformer;Asynchronous generator;
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