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Electron Transport Properties of Zn(phen)q Compared with Alq3 in OLED
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 Title & Authors
Electron Transport Properties of Zn(phen)q Compared with Alq3 in OLED
Kim, Byoung-Sang; Kim, Dong-Eun; Choi, Gyu-Chae; Park, Jun-Woo; Lee, Burm-Jong; Kwon, Young-Soo;
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We synthesized new electroluminescence materials [(1,10-phenanthroline)(8-hydroxyquinoline)] Zn(phen)q and investigated their electron transport properties. We used Zn(phen)q and for the conductive materials and measured their electron transport properties as a function of the organic layer thickness. The difference between Zn(phen)q and as electron transporting materials suggests that the electrical properties depends on the carrier injection.
OLED;Zn Complex;Electron Transport Properties;Cyclic Voltammetry;
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