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Fuzzy Logic Speed Control Stability Improvement of Lightweight Electric Vehicle Drive
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 Title & Authors
Fuzzy Logic Speed Control Stability Improvement of Lightweight Electric Vehicle Drive
Nasri, Abdelfatah; Hazzab, Abdeldjabar; Bousserhane, Ismail.K; Hadjeri, Samir; Sicard, Pierre;
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To be satisfied with complex load condition of electric vehicle, fuzzy logic control (FLC) is applied to improve speed response and system robust performance of induction traction machine based on indirect rotor field orientation control. The proposed propulsion system consists of two induction motors (IM) that ensure the drive of the two back driving wheels of lightweight electric vehicle by means the vehicle used for passenger transportation. The electronic differential system ensures the robust control of the vehicle behavior on the road. It also allows controlling, independently, every driving wheel to turn at different speeds in any curve. Our electric vehicle fuzzy inference system control`s simulated in Matlab SIMULINK environment, the results obtained present the efficiency and the robustness of the proposed control with good performances compared with the traditional PI speed control, the FLC induction traction machine presents not only good steady characteristic, but with no overshoot too.
Electric vehicle;Electronic differential;Induction motor;Lightweight electric vehicle;Fuzzy logic speed control;
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