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Economic Power Dispatch with Discontinuous Fuel Cost Functions using Improved Parallel PSO
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 Title & Authors
Economic Power Dispatch with Discontinuous Fuel Cost Functions using Improved Parallel PSO
Mahdad, Belkacem; Bouktir, T.; Srairi, K.; Benbouzid, M.EL.;
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This paper presents an improved parallel particle swarm optimization approach (IPPSO) based decomposed network for economic power dispatch with discontinuous fuel cost functions. The range of partial power demand corresponding to the partial output powers near the global optimal solution is determined by a flexible decomposed network strategy and then the final optimal solution is obtained by parallel Particle Swarm Optimization. The proposed approach tested on 6 generating units with smooth cost function, and to 26-bus (6 generating units) with consideration of prohibited zone effect, the simulation results compared with recent global optimization methods (Bee-OPF, GA, MTS, SA, PSO). From the different case studies, it is observed that the proposed approach provides qualitative solution with less computational time compared to various methods available in the literature survey.
Parallel Genetic Algorithm;Decomposed Network;PSO;Economic dispatch;Optimal power flow;System security;Planning and control;
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