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Dynamic ATC Computation for Real-Time Power Markets
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic ATC Computation for Real-Time Power Markets
Venkaiah, Ch.; Kumar, D.M. Vinod; Murali, K.;
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In this paper, a novel dynamic available transfer capability (DATC) has been computed for real time applications using three different intelligent techniques viz. i) back propagation algorithm (BPA), ii) radial basis function (RBF), and iii) adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) for the first time. The conventional method of DATC is tedious and time consuming. DATC is concerned with calculating the maximum increase in point to point transfer such that the transient response remains stable and viable. The ATC information is to be continuously updated in real time and made available to market participants through an internet based Open Access Same time Information System (OASIS). The independent system operator (ISO) evaluates the transaction in real time on the basis of DATC information. The dynamic contingency screening method [1] has been utilized and critical contingencies are selected for the computation of DATC using the energy function based potential energy boundary surface (PEBS) method. The PEBS based DATC has been utilized to generate patterns for the intelligent techniques. The three different intelligent methods are tested on New England 68-bus 16 machine and 39-bus 10 machine systems and results are compared with the conventional PEBS method.
DATC;dynamic contingency screening;intelligent techniques and power system deregulation;
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