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Application of a Robust Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller Synthesis on a Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Power Supply for an Electric Vehicle Propulsion System
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 Title & Authors
Application of a Robust Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller Synthesis on a Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Power Supply for an Electric Vehicle Propulsion System
Allaoua, Boumediene; Laoufi, Abdellah;
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The development of electric vehicle power electronics system control, composed of DC-AC inverters and DC-DC converters, attract much research interest in the modern industry. A DC-AC inverter supplies the high-power motor torques of the propulsion system and utility loads of electric vehicles, whereas a DC-DC converter supplies the conventional low-power and low-voltage loads. However, the need for high-power bidirectional DC-DC converters in future electric vehicles has led to the development of many new topologies of DC-DC converters. The nonlinear control of power converters is an active research area in the field of power electronics. This paper focuses on the use of the fuzzy sliding mode strategy as a control strategy for buck-boost DC-DC converter power supplies in electric vehicles. The proposed fuzzy controller specifies changes in control signals based on the surface and knowledge on surface changes to satisfy the sliding mode stability and attraction conditions. The performance of the proposed fuzzy sliding controller is compared to that of the classical sliding mode controller. The satisfactory simulation results show the efficiency of the proposed control law, which reduces the chattering phenomenon. Moreover, the obtained results prove the robustness of the proposed control law against variations in load resistance and input voltage in the studied converter.
Buck-boost DC-DC converter;Power electronic supply;Electric vehicle;FSMS;Control robustness;
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